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What is a DPF?

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.

Diesel particulate filters have become a standard feature on most diesel cars and vans since 2009. Their primary function is to stop soot in the exhaust from passing into the atmosphere. Vehicles that have a DPF fitted have lower emissions by up to 80%, but the trouble is this technology comes with its own set of problems, and a blocked DPF is something serious.

DPF Cleaning is designed to enable the DPF to regenerate more easily when the diesel particulate filter has a higher-than-usual soot loading. During short trips, a diesel engine doesn’t get up to temperature and more soot is formed during combustion. DPFs clog up due to the quality of fuel, the engine oil quality or urban driving.


Why does it need cleaning?

If you are just doing small mileage around town in your diesel car your DPF will begin to clog as your not doing high enough speeds to burn the particles in turn meaning your filter is collecting them up. This will then cause the engine and performance of the Vehicle to drastically slow and fail any emissions test you have up an coming like a NCT and CVRT.


DPF Cleaning at McKeowns Autos

If you are finding yourself only driving around town or small journeys in your diesel we would strongly recommend coming in and at least having your DPF checked.

A quick fix you if you can do it is drive out onto the motorway and drive 15 to 20 mins as we say this is a quick fix and although may turn that warning light off but doing it continually without a proper cleaning can damage the filter leading to filter replacement and high costs and failure of Emissions Testing.

At McKeowns Autos we will take the filter out and clean it fully and dispose of the soot and particles correctly. Leading to a longer life for your vehicle, DPF and overall vehicle performance.

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