Emissions Testing

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Why do I need Emission Testing Done?

It could be releasing harmful pollutants that can cause issues for humans, animals, and the environment. These pollutants can also lead to acidified soils, lakes, and streams. It can also accelerate the corrosion of buildings and monuments, as well as reducing visibility in the atmosphere. By bringing your vehicle in for regular maintenance, we can test the emissions of your vehicle.

That way, your vehicle can run efficiently and produces the least amount of pollutants as possible. Vehicle manufactures also help decrease the amount of pollutants your vehicle produces. A catalytic converter will change harmful emissions into lesser of ones before having them released from the vehicle. Exhaust gas re circulation valves and positive crankcase ventilation systems will originate from different areas of the vehicle, but work the same. Both will filter the vapors into the combustion chamber to cool it down. They also prevent any excess pollutants that are cause by too much heat.


Why Testing is Important?

If your car fails either of these tests, you will be required to have the problems repaired and then have the car re-tested. Generally, you’re given a specific timeframe for repairs to be made and to retake the test at no charge (for instance, Connecticut gives you 60 days to complete the repairs and have the test retaken at the original testing facility).

If you’re not able to complete the repairs during that time, you can incur fees and other consequences, up to and including being unable to drive your car legally on the road.


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