Mechanical Maintenance

Using Manufactures Parts We Can Keep Your Vehicles Warranty Saving You Money & Time!


Mechanical Maintenance at McKeowns Autos

Its very important to keep you and your vehicle on the road, making sure its safe & reliable, we understand the need for having your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible!

We can’t advice enough that people care for their vehicle at least once a year and more if you are doing a lot of driving. Most of us have hectic schedules and we often postpone things if they are not urgent. Regular vehicle maintenance will not only ensure maximum car performance but will also prevent costly repairs. Sometimes, even the smallest defect that seems irrelevant to you may lead to a major problem which will consequently increase your car maintenance costs!

Avoidable Vehicle Over Costs!

The whole idea of a vehicle maintenance is to prevent rather than repair. Checking fluid levels, tire pressure, lights, brakes and battery on regular basis will not only ensure complete safety but will also extend lifespan of your vehicle. This consequently means that a well maintained car will serve you better and last longer as well.

In addition, a well-maintained car has a higher selling value which will help you acquire a better return on your investment if you decide to sell it. Therefore, follow these simple car maintenance tips to increase safety, performance and value of your car.


Excellent Vehicle Servicing

McKeowns Autos keeping you and your Vehicle safe on the road!

Is your vehicle’s still under manufactures warranty it can still be services outside of the franchised dealers & your warranty will be kept!

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