Block Exemption Regulation

Using Manufactures Parts We Can Keep Your Vehicles Warranty Saving You Money & Time!

What is Block Exemption Regulation?

The Block Exemption Regulation is a European Commission law meaning that motorists can have their vehicle serviced or repaired in any chosen workshop without invalidating their manufacturer’s warranty.

Prior to 2003, automobile owners in the EU region risked nullifying their vehicle warranties when the vehicles were serviced or repaired in workshops not belonging to the vehicle manufacturer or its dealers. This barrier was broken in October 2003, when the European Commission (EC) passed the Block Exemption Regulation law allowing vehicle owners the freedom of having their servicing and repairs done at their chosen workshop.

On 1st June 2010 European Union legislation, ‘Block Exemption Regulations 461/2010 came into force. This BER certainly gives the motorist far more freedom in deciding who will repair or service their vehicles, as well as the flexibility and benefit to reduce the amount spent on servicing.


Servicing at McKeowns Autos

Keeping your car serviced is not a legal requirement unlike having NCT or CVRT test, but with that said we strongly suggest keeping your car serviced yearly or per car mileage . If you want to increase your vehicle’s lifespan and stop breakdowns and engine faults its important to get it serviced.

Keeping Your Vehicle Serviced Can:

  • Reduce engine wear due to a regular oil change and oil filter change
  • Lower chance of a breakdown
  • Improve the car’s fuel economy
  • Maintain vehicle safety
  • Stopping Major Car Faults like Timing belt Snapping
  • Increasing Car Performance

Excellent Vehicle Servicing

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Is your vehicle’s still under manufactures warranty it can still be services outside of the franchised dealers & your warranty will be kept!

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