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We cover a wide range of auto repair & maintenance services

Car Electronics

In-car electronics is the fastest-growing area of auto technology, as automakers scramble to one-up one another.

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NCT & CVRT Services

NCT & CVRT are in place to make sure your car is road worthy and safe for you and your family on the road.

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Car Maintenance

Its very important to keep you and your vehicle on the road, making sure its safe & reliable, we understand the need for having your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible!

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DPF Cleaning

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.

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Air Conditioning

Avoid the temptation to service your own AC. Environmental regulations must be followed, and specialized equipment is required to service an air conditioner correctly.

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Electronic Diagnostics

A car diagnostic test can reveal a number of issues related with your vehicle’s engine and transmission, oil and gas tanks, exhaust system, and other systems…

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Dash Cams & Fittings

Having a Dash Cam/ Reverse Cam or both is not just a hip new tech for your car it provides great positives for you as a driver.

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Wheel Alignment & Brakes

If you are finding yourself driving rough and bumpy roads a lot the likelihood is your wheel alignment will be knock out of alignment. This leads to a number of problems.

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Emission Testing

By bringing your vehicle in for regular maintenance, we can test the emissions of your vehicle.

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Keep Your Warranty, Keep Costs Down!

Remember We can work with any manufactures parts which in turn keeps your car’s warranty. All with excellent customer service!

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Ring us today on 042 94 29494 if you any concerns or questions contact our Head Mechanic 

  • First class customer service from Sean and his team - amazing for all your cars needs. Couldn’t recommend this business enough for what they do! Would always have this garage on top of my list for all BMW needs!!

    Kitty Quinn
  • For years we have been going to Seàn. He's very thorough & will always ring to keep you informed of costs etc. Day or night he's always available to help if theres a problem with your vehicle. I've recommended Sean to colleagues who now won't go anywhere else. You pay for what you get and with McKeown autos you are definitely getting the best. Continued success in your business Debbie & Sean

    Vanessa McCrink
  • Absolutely fantastic service, they came and collected my van, serviced it, nct'd it, taxed it, and droped it back to me at work. You just couldn't ask for better. Thank you so much.

    Caroline Slevin
  • Sean dealt with a local client of mine needing assistance after I contacted him. He dealt with my clients needs 100%. Top work and highly recommended. Go to the professionals- go to Mckeowns. You will not regret it.

    Ollie Brady
  • Sean and the lads are the best around if you want value for money and top class service.

    John Rooney

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